Instructor Bio

team member Mary White, DD Founder of The Center for Psychological and Spiritual Development Heart Centered Meditation Instructor Personal Development Consultant

Mary White DD, has been a Heart Centered Meditation Teacher and Personal Development Consultant for over 20 years. Influenced by meditation teachers both East and West; Personal Development through Meditation and Energy Balancing informs her work with both groups and individuals. She works with people to open the connection to heart centered energies in group meditation and from a method of personal inquiry in individual consultations.

Mary is presenting Heart Centered Meditation as the application arm for The Center for Psychological and Spiritual Development. Most significant for Mary has been her experience of the heart’s energy and the vast potential therein for self-knowledge and personal growth. Creative abilities and healing occur naturally through the transfer and balancing of energies in the body from connection to the heart during meditation. Participating with our lives in the world from an integrated inner life inspired by the heart is the foundation of Mary’s life work.